The Tabernacle Institute was founded by Ben Levine, a resident of Shiloh, the ancient home of the famed Tabernacle of Shiloh. Here, he introduces the search for the Ark of the Covenant, a major component of the Tabernacle.

The Importance of the Tabernacle Institute

There has been only one building ever erected on earth that was perfect in every detail from the start and never needed to be added to or changed; the tabernacle in the wilderness. The blueprint, layout, plan and design with all the specifications were designed in heaven. It was conveyed to Moses from the Lord for Israel. Moses received it while he was on Mount Sinai, shortly after Israel’s exodus and deliverance from Egypt. With such a lofty concept to embrace, the need for an entity to research and distribute findings of this Divine structure and its renowned artifacts, was readily accepted. 

Shiloh the new home of the Tabernacle Institute

Having decided to set up the Tabernacle Institute an appropriate home was necessary to find that could help facilitate its research and developmental needs. 

Shiloh, where the ancient tabernacle stood, became the location of choice, and a suitable base was set up. However, as the need for expansion became an obvious factor to enhance the Institute’s success, a search began to find a more permanent home in Shiloh.  In late 2021, discussions were held to move to its new location, which is currently underway.

Tabernacle Water To The Rescue

The decision to invest in new premises and expand the Tabernacle Institute’s valuable free service to the general public was no easy task! Collecting donations seemed an obvious choice, but in keeping with the Institute’s passion for sharing the object of its interests, a unique solution was found?  

What better way to raise funds for its important activities than to provide a taste of authenticity related to the Tabernacle’s actual existence! Accordingly, Tabernacle Water came into being to help share just a few of the many products associated with the Tabernacle of Shiloh’s renowned activities. 

Everyone Gains Benefit

You too can join in the adventure of exploring the ancient world of the Tabernacle. By purchasing Tabernacle Water products, you not only help to further research efforts but also get a first hand experience of what the Tabernacle of Shiloh had to offer!

Tabernacle Institute

The Tabernacle Institute is a dedicated source of information about the Tabernacle. Its research programs are financed by Tabernacle Water.    


Tabernacle Water offers a range of pure ingredient products directly sourced from where the Tabernacle of Shiloh stood for over 369 years.


Address: Tabernacle Institute
D.N. Efraim 9440, Shiloh 44830, Israel

Phone: (972) 54-587-9350



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