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Pure Water 500ml

Pure Water 500ml This product is currently rated as one of the most popular items in stock. It is drawn from Tabernacle wellsprings with no additives, This label is one of our authentic products associated with ancient rites in the Biblical Tabernacle. The use of Tabernacle Water is well documented throughout the Bible, and its purifying properties are known to those initiated in the traditions of the esoteric interpretations of the Bible. Due to its popularity, it is recommended to order this product early to avoid disappointment.

Ritual Blend 150ml

Blended Water 150ml is drawn and blended where the Tabernacle of Shiloh stood. Frankincense and myrrh were among the ingredients of the secret recipe used for the incense in Solomon’s Temple and used as medicines in both ointment and drinkable preparations. Blended Water 150ml makes for the perfect gift, or an excuse for a lavish self-indulgent treat.

Pure Mist 150ml

Pure Mist 150ml. This lavish item comes in a much sought after decorative container. Water is mentioned a total of 722 times in the Bible, more often than faith, hope, prayer, and worship. Pure Mist comes from the wellspring of water from the very spot where the Tabernacle of Shiloh stood for 369 years, and justifies its association with the prominent mention of water in the Bible. Tabernacle Water is pleased to assist with your purchase needs of this product. Please contact us through our form below for further assistance.

Anointing Oil 150ml

Anointing Oil 150ml is the latest arrival for the Tabernacle Water catalogue. It is manufactured from 100% Olive Oil, grown and pressed in Shiloh, Israel, where the prophet Samuel was raised and Eli the high Priest was anointed. This product comes in a stylishly designed bottle fitting for its historic background. Anointing Oil 150ml can also be purchased together with other Tabernacle Water products to augment its overall beneficiary components. See below for further details about the benefits of this excellent product.

Pure Water 330ml

Pure Water 330ml is part of our pure water products. Tabernacle Water offers a range of authentic products associated with ancient rites in the Biblical Tabernacle, and this product sourced from the same wellsprings as the Tabernacle of Shiloh, reflects the importance of its Biblical connection. Our 330ml product is subject to being sold out quickly.

Tabernacle Institute

The Tabernacle Institute is a dedicated source of information about the Tabernacle. Its research programs are financed by Tabernacle Water.   


Tabernacle Water offers a range of pure ingredient products directly sourced from where the Tabernacle of Shiloh stood for over 369 years.


Address: Tabernacle Institute
D.N. Efraim 9440, Shiloh 44830, Israel

Phone: (972) 54-587-9350



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